40 Top

I’m sitting in a booth at a bar and grill with some friends. We’ve been here for a while. All of a sudden, I realize I’m supposed to waitressing, not hanging with my friends. I jump up and start to hit the tables. I have no idea how long each table has been waiting. It seems like every table I get to takes forever to place their orders putting me further behind. I can’t seem to put the order tickets in the proper order. The dishwashing area is against the wall in the same open area where the customers are sitting.  We’re so busy that there are two of us doing the dishes. I put a couple of quarters in the tip jar. I know I’m not gonna make anything for tips during this shift. I wonder if I’ll do better tomorrow. As I continue to hit each table, it seems like some are annoyed with me, but then take an incredible amount of time to decide what they want.

There are a lot of older people drinking coffee in the upper level of the restaurant. As I walk to get water for refills, I’m stopped by a guy at a high-top asking about our beer flavors. I’m trying to explain the differences, but I don’t think I’m doing it well. I tell him to just go with me down to the lower level, near the basement and he can taste the different beers. As he’s tasting the beers a huge group of girls bring their food and sit in the basement. I tell the girls they can’t sit in here and ask them to leave. All of them are ignoring me. I tell them I’m calling 911 and pick up the phone to dial. As I do, they finally leave the area.

I’m standing on the other side of the check out counter when Bill Murray walks up. He’s just come out of the bathroom. He starts talking about how he calls his mom when he has bathroom problems; he says it’s, because of cancer.

One of the girls I kicked out of the basement comes up to the line. She’s going on about how nice we are and says she’d like to bring back a group. I’m surprised by it considering the basement ordeal. I suggest she call us first, because it’s nice to know when we’re gonna have a 40 top come in.

As I walk around the upper are to fill coffees, I walk over to fill my Grandpa Jerry’s cup. (note-my Grandpa Jerry has been deceased for many years in waking life) A lady gets my attention as she sits down with her friend. She tells me she had the custard the day before and had contracted a disease on her finger from it. She shows me the sore on her finger. I tell her I’ll get my boss. Kay is upstairs in her office. When I tell her what the lady said, she shakes her head and says it’s ridiculous, that she did not get a disease from the custard. Annoyed, she walks down with me to talk to this lady.

“Dreams are real while they last–can we say more of life?” ~Havelock Ellis

‘A’ said this is the first dream I’ve had where nothing jumped out to her. As she thought about it a bit more, she realized it was about the place, not what’s going on in it. Here is what she had to say:

  • restaurants are about serving or being served. Interesting that you suddenly realize you are supposed to be a waitress, meaning, you should be serving. Have you been searching your soul lately by any chance on your direction and purpose? Have you been thinking about how you can contribute to the world around you? We are all here to serve a purpose, I believe this dream is actually speaking to you about your brain trying to process where this might be.
  • also, if you think about restaurants relating to food, this could be about your nourishment. As in relation to spiritual and emotional nourishment. Have you been struggling in these areas lately? Have you been searching out ways to be fed? Now, if you look into the idea that you were serving others in this dream and combine that with the need of nourishment, ask yourself, have you been making sure that others are so well taken care of with what they need, that you may have been neglecting what you have needed more recently?
  • being a waitress could also be a play on words, as in “waiting” and that there is an area of your life where you are in need of being patient. Dig deep and check in with yourself, are you restless over how long something is taking to be resolved in your life.

Maybe I was hungry when I went to bed! 😛

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