I pull the car through the gate in the driveway. Something is off in the back yard. There are dead animals scattered all around and there is a plane in the bushes with a dead person in it. I tell everyone to get inside the house and to call the police. They just keep asking questions. In the house, which is huge, there is a panther and I’m running from it.

Next thing I know I’m at a grandparent’s house. My Aunt R comes downstairs to take a shower. I’m not sure why she’s doing that when there is a shower upstairs. I head upstairs to use the shower, but I can’t find one that has any shampoo and conditioner. As I walk back downstairs I see huge canisters of mini Oreos and other treats. Oh, this is all my Grandma does for the little kids when they visit! I thought she baked everything.

I’m in a room walking around the bed and I find my manuscript. It contains my dream of the panther in the house. My old boss, Tom and an old co-worker, Sam were just going to throw it away. I know it’s good and I want it back. I had planned on using it for a book. Sam asks me what I’m gonna do full-time when I leave. He’s referring to my old job. I don’t know and I know I can’t afford to leave, but… I can’t understand why Sam & Jim, another co-worker, are back. Tom had been completely absent, but is now back acting like he was never gone. I’m packing my suitcase and struggling to fit a really long, like 10 feet long pair of jeans in it. I hear Tom talking to a new hire. He asks her why she’s at home. He says to her, “I can put you in the dirt and you’ll know if you really love the job.”

I’m trying to wrangle my heavy suitcase and 2 other pieces of luggage out of the office. A man pulls up to give some people a ride and loads their luggage in the back of his car. He comes over to help me, but Tom tells him, no. He’s only to help the other people. I end up just pushing my luggage down the stairs and I gather it at the bottom. I look at Tom and tell him we’ll never be friends, because of what he just did. He says to me, “Well, we know what Mark will think of this.” This is his way of firing me without actually saying so.

Out in the parking lot I find the car that was left for me. It looks like an old 60’s style of car mixed with modern-day technology. I’m trying to get in the car, but I can’t figure out how to open the door. I don’t know where the handle is. There is an officer on the other side of the parking lot watching me. I find a combo lock on the doors and try different combinations. The alarm goes off and the officer comes over to the car. I explain to him that the car was left for me and I’m not sure of the combo. The next thing I know I’m driving the car back to the dealer with the officer sitting in the passenger seat. I push a button up by the visor that says 544 as we pull in to an alley and a garage door opens. I pull the car in.

I meet up with my husband. It isn’t my husband in waking life. He’s always out-of-town for work, so I rarely see him. We’re arguing about it and he’s annoyed that I’m complaining. There is some kind of lazy river type of thing. We must be at a water park. I’m taking care of some little kids. I take one of the little girls to get her ears pierces and her mom is pissed.

“Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?” ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Here is what ‘A’ said about this one:

  • dead animals are representative of something you think is ruined in your waking life. Have you had to compromise on any of your beliefs? Perhaps a relationship has gone badly? Did a job not work out the way you wanted it to? Is life not turning out the way you envisioned? In this case, it’s not the multitude of the animals that are dead, but rather the level of decomposition they’re in that determines how affected you are in your waking life by this event or situation.
  • the dead body could be something within you that you believe you cannot express. Is there a part of you in a situation or relationship where you feel you are having to suppress your emotions?
  • a panther is a symbol of strength and protectiveness. It’s interesting that in the dream you’re running from it. Dig deeper-do you remember anything going on around the time of this dream that you are frightened of? Something you’re scared to do? Anything in yourself you’re afraid to trust and take the leap on? Or anyone in your life you are thinking can’t be trusted?
  • suitcases in dreams represent us, everything about us, who we intend to be, who we’ve been, our hopes and dreams, even our goals for ourselves. In the dream you’re struggling with your suitcase, ask yourself-what past behavior are you currently struggling with changing? Are there things in the past you are struggling to let go of?
  • struggling with the combination is you dealing with some anxiety in your life, because you feel like you are not handling everything around you as well as you should be.
  • the alarm going off is showing your concern about a decision. Did you make one recently? Are you concerned if it was the right choice? Maybe you have a big decision coming up and you’re still unsure of which way to go on it. This makes sense given you were just dealing with anxiety in the dream.
  • the number 544 had me zinging, so I poked around a bit. This stood out to me! According to https://angelnumbersmeaning.com/angel-number-544-meaning-and-symbolism/ 544 is representing you needing to use your intuition to make decisions. UM HELLOW!! combination=concern about a decision, alarm=anxiety over a decision, 544=use your intuition to make the decision! BOOM MIC DROP, ‘A’ out!

First off, ‘A’ makes me laugh! Second, it sounds like I have a decision to make! C, mini Oreos again! What do you think? Share in the comments below!

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