I’m riding my tricycle. I call my friend, Holly to talk and before I know it, I’ve ridden all the way to Coal Valley (several miles from my house in waking life). It’s gotten dark, so I turn around to head home. I see a man on the side of the street and he grabs a woman’s arm. She’s fighting him to get away. I yell at him to let her go. He starts to berate me for riding my tricycle around just to get blog posts.

There is a man here at the doctor’s office that my Grandma knows. His asthma is 8/88 and he needs an inhaler right away.

My Grandma is walking back home with me when we run in to my Aunt. My Aunt Jill was surprised and says my Grandma shouldn’t be walking all the way from Carbon Cliff. (my Grandma is 90 and Carbon Cliff is also several miles from my house in waking life) I think to myself, “She’s right, that *is* a long way for her to be walking. The tricycle I was riding turns out to be a bowl.

“Dreams are only thoughts you didn’t have time to think about during the day.” ~Author Unknown

I was super excited to have this dream interpreted by a few people at http://dreamschool.org during one of their free weekly Wednesday webinars! Here is what they had to say:

Paula’s thoughts on the dream:

  • the tricycle is about skills for balance. Based on other parts of the dream-balance with the receptive and aggressive part of myself. It’s about developing aspects of myself.
  • my friend, Holly, in the dream is a distraction-not in a bad way.
  • the darkness in the dream indicates that I’m ignoring something
  • the man grabbing the woman is my aggressive side being forceful
  • the Dr. office should be a place of healing (based on my day prior-it makes sense it was in my dream)
  • asthma in a dream is fear of losing freedom
  • my Grandma in my dream represents my super conscious. She’s always there for me, she walked all that way in my dream at 90 yrs old. That I can depend on my inner authority to help me.
  • the bowl is a dish=a receptacle for knowledge. I have the tools to handle this.

Lenny added:

  • the 8’s are about values. My own values. What occurred the day prior-wI was trying to hold on to my values or bring them out. I was having to ground myself to deal with what was going on.
  • the bowl is receptive. Maybe the balance will come from there.

Kerry added:

  • with my Grandma in the dream-I need to learn to use my inner mind for wisdom, to draw on it. I have the freedom to cause new experiences for myself.

A little bit of what my day was like prior to this dream: I had an appointment for a skin/cancer check with my dermatologist. When I arrived the intake person told me they were out of network with my insurance plan, BCBS. I think, ok, no biggie. Until I’m told they’ll bill insurance, but I’ll need to pay at the appointment and the cost would start at $200 and go up from there. I didn’t keep my appointment. I wasn’t upset with them, but really fired up about our healthcare system and how broken in is. What do people do? What about those without health insurance??? What do they do when they can’t afford the appointments they need? And what are we able to even do about it, but get angry and piss & moan??  I’d also talked with my husband about his job and how he was unsure of whether he’d have it soon. We discussed the struggles he faces to get his job done well with the limited resources he has. That was frustrating for me, because I knew first hand what he has to deal with.

Given these occurrences, my dream made complete sense to me after I talked with the kind people who did the interpretation for me!

The number one rule of dreaming, according to dreamschool.org is: Every dream is about the dreamer.

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