A Real Housewife

I’m outside at Teddi’s (from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aka John Mellencamp’s daughter) new house for a shower. We under the pergola near the ocean. After the shower, we head inside for a housewarming party. Her new house is beautiful! She has several refrigerators and all of them are completely stocked. There were a dozen or more bottles of Sunny Delight, tons of other beverages in the other coolers and rows and rows of cheeses.  She has so much food, I wonder if it goes bad. How can they possibly eat that much?  Does she shop for it herself or does she give someone a list with all of this stuff on it? Do all rich people have this much food in their houses? I keep practically nothing in mine. The house is starting to get packed.

Teddi’s mom comes up to me and says that my crown and shoes aren’t me. I feel like it’s a dig and I’m uncomfortable. I go outside to leave, but my car is gone. I know I parked it here, because I said “Hi” to Edwin (Teddi’s husband in waking life) on my way in. My friend Kelly is helping me look. We keep finding cars like mine, but when we get closer we see they’re different. It looks like a junkyard out here.

I finally give up and walk back in to Teddi’s house. I’m going to confront her about my car.  I find her with my Aunt Jill just chit chatting and drinking. I ask her what they did with my car and she denies having anything to do with it. I’m furious! I stroke her hair and tell her how nice it is while putting my gum in it. I say to her, “Maybe I should break some things in your house on my way out.” to threaten her and hopefully get an answer. Finally, she tells me where my car is.

When Kelly and I find my car, it had been pushed over and embankment. Edwin put empty liquor bottles and skeletons in it to make it look as though I’d crashed my car while drunk and died.  We immediately dial the police. Before the police get here Edwin tells Teddi that they’re going to have to sign a car over to me, so it looks like they aren’t guilty.

“One can write, think and pray exclusively of others; dreams are all egocentric.” ~Evelyn Waugh

Here is what stood out to ‘A’ in this dream:

  • dreaming of cheese is related to hard work and that it may be paying off for you
  • the junkyard thing is fascinating-it could simply be about having car troubles that you’re worried about. It could also mean that you have a situation in your life, or even perhaps a person, that you need to have patience with. You brain may also be trying to tell you that you have to get creative with this situation to resolve it. Another option could be that you’re hanging on to some old things that could be worth something if you sold them and could help you financially.

‘A’ also said she has no interpretation for dreaming of gum in one’s hair, but can picture my sweet face brushing the hair and sneaking the gum into it. LOLZ!

Do celebrities ever show up in your dreams? Share in the comments below!

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