I’m standing in the grass outside at a gas station with my brother. We keep finding wads of money, all different amounts hidden in the grass like easter eggs. There is a girl there, I don’t know who she is, but she’s the one throwing the money. As she throws more, I see one that has a $100 bill on it. I grab it and shove it in my back pocket. I don’t want anyone knowing how much I’ve got. My brother heads off on a bicycle and I want to catch a ride with him, but I won’t fit.

I’m at home with my sister dreading going to my grandma’s tonight for Christmas. I’d rather go to a bar. I’m trying to come up with an excuse to get out of going and realize that we get together the day after Christmas, not the day before. Problem solved! On the couch I pull the wads of cash out of my pocket and try to count it without anyone noticing. I don’t know how much is there, but there are several $100s. The wad I put in my back pocket has a bunch of savings bonds in it. Even though I have all of my Christmas shopping done, I think I’ll get something else for my brother since I have the extra money.

My sister and I head to Menards, because they’ll have a bit of everything this time of year. We’re looking all over the store in hopes something will catch our attention. My sister heads off by herself to the housewares area while I’m engrossed in something. When I catch up with her she’s paying for an item. It’s like a ceramic pitcher with 3 tiers to it. Each tier collapses in itself and it’s got earthy brown tones. I tell her my mom will love it. As we’re standing at the counter, my mom and step-dad walk up to us. I quickly moved the box my sister just bought to the side of the counter hoping my mom doesn’t see it. My mom wants to show us something, so she walks around the counter. She sees the box my sister bought and says to her “Do you think Bob will like this?” I try to change the subject and get rid of them. They say they’re heading out, so my sister and I continue our search for my brothers gift. I look at everything. Will he like a portable speaker? I put it back on the shelf. We come in to the game section and I pull one down and ask her if our brother will  like it. It’s in a large case and has Batman on the front. She says he loves Batman! We open it up to see what’s inside. At first it just looks like a costume, but then we find the game pieces. We take it to the counter to check out. The cashier looks at me and asks if I have any idea how much this costs? Not, because she didn’t know, but because she thought it was really expensive. When I tell her I think it’s $40 or $50, she looks concerned and tells me that with her discount it would be at least $100. I go back to check the price and see the correct tag for the game. It’s actually $272.00 and it’s a kids bath game. Back to the search. I’m flying around the store on roller skates and I’m really good! As I skate through the aisle with the pictures and wall decor, I can see the department manager is annoyed with me, so I slow down. My sister and I go back to grab the gift she bought for my mom and what do you know-we run in to her again!

My stepdad is talking about how he’s gonna have to get on the roof tomorrow to fix it. I ask him if he really needs to do that on Christmas, because I remember that my brother got him a new roof for his Christmas gift. I should probably go in on that with him.

I’m in the bathroom trying to get my pants down fast enough to hit the toilet. I don’t make it. (just the dreamer!) I’m trying to clean it up, but it isn’t working. I flush the toilet and go to wash my hands. Something keeps stopping the toilet from flushing. One flush a long piece of cloth got pulled in, so I pull it out and flush it again. Then I see a nightlight at the bottom of the toilet. Wondering how it got in there I go in and fish it out. I go to pump the soap to wash my hands and am careful to not get anything on the gift my mom left on the sink, which is almost the size of a bathtub.

“Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” ~Sigmund Freud

Here is what ‘A” found out:

  • grass can relate to wealth and prosperity. ‘A’ says she would have never guessed that on her own, but since I’m having a money “fun fest” in the dream, she leans toward the wealth meaning.
  • 100-think less dream and more angel message. It’s an extremely powerful number in the angel realm and it could be that they are sending you a message to remind you of your inner wisdom and ambition!
  • gift giving is all about the generosity inside of you. Buying gifts is representative of the positivity that is all around you.
  • so the situation of going to the bathroom relates to emotions and releasing negative emotions. There is also a lot to do in regard to wealth, as in reference to a windfall coming soon.
  • the toilet is representing your negative feelings, that they are about to break. To solve this in your waking life you have to find a way to express yourself, your thoughts and your opinions.

I could go for a windfall! How about you? Feel free to comment below?

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    1. Hi Mac! Thank you for your question!
      Here is what ‘A’ says about multiple holidays in one dream: Dreaming of holidays are not necessarily about those, as you would think. People think holidays are gathering with family, celebrating, sometimes gift giving but in dreams they actually represent you telling yourself you are in need of a break. Have you been doing a lot lately? Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? If you are dreaming about multiple “holidays” in one dream, it means you are long overdue for a break and should probably plan some downtime for yourself stat, before needing a break turns into total burnout.


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