Bottom Feeders

I’m at a talent show with Maggie. It’s a food competition. The participants are bring their dishes to the judges. Judges are grading based on the temperature and consistency of the food. A lady walks past me carrying the ingredients to make her dish. She walks away from her stuff and all of a sudden I’m making her dish to submit myself. It’s similar to a spicy tuna & noodles recipe I’ve made in waking life, but there isn’t any tuna. I cook the dish and there are several people eating it and are giving raving reviews. They can’t believe the noodles are gluten-free and only take 3-4 minutes to cook. None of them are the judges.

I find myself in a large kitchen standing at the stove making the same dish. I’ve gathered all of the ingredients together. My mom walks in and is being horribly mean. As I start to cook, I can’t find the red pepper flakes. I’m looking all over the place. The kitchen is huge with tons of cabinets and I don’t know where anything is except for the stove and the spice cupboard. My mom stands there watching and says something snide while eating from a bag of Lay’s potato chips. The food is cooking and now I’m in a mad dash to find the red pepper flakes, because the noodles only take 3-4 minutes to cook. I know they’re here, I had them earlier!

I walk across the drive to Ron’s house to see if they have any red pepper flakes. They don’t, so I go back to my mom’s kitchen. I’m thinking she must’ve put them in the cupboard where the Lay’s are supposed to go, but I don’t know where that is. I go through the spice cabinet for the third time and find the bag of Lay’s she was eating earlier. I knew it! She did switch where the chips and red pepper flakes are supposed to go. I finally find a bottle of the red pepper flakes when searching the spice cabinet again, but it seems odd. The bottle I had set out was red and this one is blue. They also don’t look like red pepper flakes. Although the food is nearly done and the red pepper was supposed to be cooked at the beginning I add it in anyway. The dish ends up to be creamy and cheesy, which isn’t the recipe I started to cook, but it seems normal.

I’m on a sidewalk next to a park when I sprinkle in the rest of the spices. A little kid comes by and says something rude and judgmental about me having salmon in the recipe and about being vegan. He says salmon are bottom feeders, but the attitude was directed at me for eating animal. In shock, I head off to tell someone what had just happened.

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” ~Havelock Ellis

Here is what ‘A’ found about this one:

  • recipes are about creativity, you are trying to work out how you approach yours in your mind. This often means that you are not yet confident in how you will do that or striking out on your own. In this particular stage, you like learning from others on how to do this as your confidence builds before you take your leap. The fact that the tuna was missing from the recipe indicates you don’t quite have a plan together on how to execute what you want to do-it’s missing a step. So, you should point your focus in that direction, so you can start seeing the results of what you desire.
  • the mother aspect goes one of two ways. If it’s a positive situation, than it’s about the nurturing mother and the support. In this case for you-mom was being mean. It may indicate negative aspects within you (not necessarily related to mom) that need to be released for you to move forward.
  • the sidewalk in your dreams reflects the goals of what you are working towards and that you are on your path.

‘A’ says this dream had everything to do with my goals, my confidence in those goals and the fact that I need to leave behind the things that have held me back in the past and make a plan for how I will achieve my goals, it’s the only thing standing in my way right now.

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