**I felt while I was in this dream that it was a continuation of my dream from the night before, I was trying to figure out throughout the dream what had gone wrong.**

I’m working nearly everyday at a store similar to a Target or a Wal-Mart, but I don’t mind. I walk by the nurses office and one of my co-workers asks me to get something for them from the pharmacy. I’m on it. I can’t find what she wants. I pull almost everything down from the shelves that looks similar, but still no luck. It’s something that’s under lock and key, so I go looking for the pharmacist. I look all over the store and I’m not finding her anywhere. It dawns on me that it’s Sunday and a lot of people are off today.

As I turn a corner, I see the pharmacist. Her son had a car accident and he broke his leg, so she popped in the store. I tell her I’m on the prowl for something. She walks over to a clothing rack and opens a small little flap on the floor to get the key.

Christmas Eve is next week and I haven’t asked for the time off! I have to work. I have to, but I can’t miss the Christmas Eve get together at my mom’s. I’ll just quit or let them fire me if they tell  me I can’t take that day off.

I’d recently moved in with my boyfriend/current husband and his roommate, Gene. When I get home from work, my boyfriend gives me a big kiss. I’m aware of how happy we are. How happy he is with me. I start paying attention to what is occurring, trying to figure out where we went wrong. My boyfriend, a friend of his, and myself are going Christmas shopping. I go to get ready. I’m downstairs in the shower and Gene just walks in the room. I’m not at all happy about it and it’s causing a rift.

As I sit in front of the mirror putting on my make-up, my boyfriend’s friend is sitting next to me talking about something, I’m not exactly sure what. I put my eyeliner on and my husband comes in. He says, “what’s with the dark eyeliner?”. I’m confused by it. I ask him what he means. He says, “You usually put a light color on the bottom and a dark color on the top.” I don’t think so, but when he and his friend leave, I look in the mirror and realize he’s right.

I wait for my boyfriend to text me, but I can’t find my phone. I go upstairs to look in the case, where I found it last time I lost it. It’s not there, so I keep looking. I’m kind of freaking out, because I might be missing messages. I look through the cabinet and find some Christmas gifts. Sitting on the stairs, Gene shows me what he got his girlfriend. He got her a trip. I thought my boyfriend got me the same thing, but he didn’t. Still looking for my phone. I go up to the bathroom to check my make-up bag. Nope, not there either. I have to pee. Instead of a toilet, there is a hole in the floor. I grab something that is made of wire, shaped like a cone to go through. As I start to pee I look through the hole and notice that the people downstairs can see up, but it seems normal.

“The sailor does not control the sea, nor does the lucid dreamer control the dream. Like a sailor, lucid dreamers manipulate or direct themselves in the larger expanse of dreaming; however, they do not control it. Lucid dreaming appears to be a co-created experience.” ~Robert Waggoner

‘A’ could see how this dream was a continuation of the previous night’s dream. Here is what she had to say about what it means:

  • being at the pharmacy means at this time you’re seeking discretion and privacy in your waking life.
  • they key is saying you are open to new opportunities. I think you are finally ready for the next chapter and are open to receiving what you’ve been asking the Universe for and are in a place to do so.
  • a lost phone is symbolic of communication. In this case, because the phone is lost, you’re feeling that there is a communication issue in a relationship.
  • peeing has shown up for you before. It can be symbolic of you releasing blocked emotions. The fact that you were doing this where people could see you may mean you are putting some boundaries in place, kind of like “marking your territory” (this makes me giggle, because I’m a 6 yr old!) My guess is either you have recently done this or you are working out mentally how to do this to fulfill yourself emotionally the way you need to.

What do you think about this one being a continuation of my previous night’s dream? Share in the comments below!

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