I’m in the garage getting the laundry basket that’s been sitting there for quite a while. There’s a spider web in the bottom of the basket under the clothes that looks like it’s been woven over ten times! As I walk toward the house three spiders come out of the basket in to the air, like they’re floating. I scream for my husband. He comes over and cleans the web out of the basket like it’s no big deal. I add more clothes and take them to wash.

It’s like a laundromat downstairs, but I don’t have to pay. There is a row of washing machines on one side and the dryers on the other. I take my clothes out and check all of the machines to make sure I didn’t leave anything in any of them. I open the lid to one of the washers and see a bunch of stuff in it and an empty bottle of Tito’s on top. I remember, I put that stuff in there…

I had woken up the night before to my little cousin, Court, crying. When I got up from the floor to find her there was an empty bottle of Tito’s next to me. I knew I’d done something bad the night before. I found my little cousin on the landing of the staircase. She’s 2, maybe 3 years old.

There is a huge sale going on and the sales staff is really upset with me for the stuff in the washing machine and what I’d done the night before. They think it’s going to adversely affect attendance at the sale. I run the stuff through a wash cycle and start to go through it. I really want to save the sale. I have a friend there with me, we’ll call her Sue. As I pull designer purses out, Sue takes them and makes tags for them. She’s sure she can get them sold. Several women are standing around lit display cases and I can see they’re bored and annoyed. Sue and I keep going through the stuff and I find something like coins. I ask Sue if they’re Tiffany. We’re going through all of the wallets looking for the $13,000.00 cashier’s check. It’s my aunt and uncle’s. I keep finding things that look like the cashier’s check, but aren’t.

Mac and I are driving back when three German men get in our car. I don’t know what they want. We’re about to cross the bridge and I’m worried we’ll get in trouble for having them in our car. Thankfully we cross the bridge without incident. The German’s explain to us where they’re going. I know the place, so we head there.

I’m walking up the stairs with my cousin, Court. She’s telling me she knows. I can’t believe it. She says she isn’t going to say anything, but I know need to come clean to my aunt and uncle before they find out another way. I go into their room and tell them what I’d done. They already knew. They tell me they’re aren’t mad, but they’re disappointed. My aunt says, “It wasn’t easy and it strapped us, but we made it work.”

My uncle had gone to his banker to have the cashier’s check I’d lost cancelled and have a new one printed. The banks system showed it hadn’t been cashed, so they reprinted it for my uncle. It must’ve been destroyed in the washing machine.

I’m remember what had happened the night before. I’m not sure exactly how, but someone died and it was gruesome. Mac and I were scrubbing the blood off of the wall frantically, so Ron didn’t see it. Mac was making a lot of noise scrubbing and I was worried someone would hear us. I went in to the bathroom to rinse out my washcloth and another cousin of mine, closer to my age, was in the bathtub. I’m afraid she’s going to find out what’s going on and tell someone. She got out of the tub and sat on the toilet. I get in the empty tub and there are two small dogs in it. They aren’t alive and they’re wet. One of them is my cousin’s. I blew in to it’s mouth and it came back to life. The other dog is mine. It doesn’t come back to life and it’s my fault.

“The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and secret recess of the soul, opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego consciousness, and which will remain psyche no matter how far our ego consciousness extends.” ~Carl Jung

Here is what ‘A’ has to say about this dream:

  • laundry is a sign of you looking at areas of your life that need to be “cleaned up”
  • the spiderweb itself means you are feeling trapped by something in your waking life. A situation or even perhaps a relationship.
  • a crying child, quite simply means you are unhappy with an aspect of your life.
  • germans are often associated with efficiency. Is there anything in your waking life in which you are being more organized or methodical about in a way to create efficiency for yourself? Perhaps something that you are being more routine with lately?
  • the number 3 is associated with growth and abundance.
  • the bridge you went over-Is there any obstacle you’ve been trying to cross lately? Something you’ve been trying to overcome?
  • blood on the walls is very specific and can be indicating you feel you have a loss or failure that occurred and you’re still holding onto the feelings surrounding that thing or situation.

What are your thoughts? Share below in the comments!

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