It’s For The Preacher

I’m standing on a platform beside a body of flowing water. I see something coming up out of the water as it swims, just enough to show the top of itself. I wonder what it is. As they get closer, I see they’re elephants. “I love elephants!” I say to Carrel. Next thing I know, Carrel picks me up like nothing and puts me on one of the elephants in the water. I’m on an elephant! I can’t believe it! The elephants are all swimming in a straight line toward the office. I’m trying to be careful and stay light, so I don’t make my elephant sink. When we get there, Carrel asks me not to tell Larry, our boss, how we got there. No problem.

When we walk in, there is a guy standing at the front desk writing up a work order and trying to fax it. I ask him what it’s for and he says it’s for mulch. Ugh, Larry hates mulch. He says it’s for the preacher. That makes sense. He can’t seem to get the order to send, so I offer to send it via e-mail when I get to my desk. He asks me if I’m sure and I say, “I have mad e-mailing skills.”

When I get to my office, I sit down at my desk. It takes me a while to notice things are different. My stuff has been moved. My computer monitor is on top of the tower, so I move it to a small velvet foot stool. My printer is in a different place too. It’s, because my desk is gone. Someone comes in and asks if I’d sent the work order yet. I tell them I’m just about to. I actually forgot. Carrel asked me what they were talking about and I told her it was for mulch. She thinks it’s weird until I tell her it’s a bulk order for the preacher. When I tell Carrel my desk is gone, she whispers to me to take the one by hers. I thought it was someone else’s desk, but I start moving my stuff to it. The computers we have are suuuppper old, but Carrel has a flat screen monitor. They must plan on upgrading them all as they crash. Nope. Carrel signs for the delivery of another computer that is a similar model to what we all have. Now someone comes in and is installing the server in our area. I’m bummed, because now I won’t be able to surf the net without her seeing me. I’m trying to configure my desk, so my monitor doesn’t face out to anyone. I don’t want people seeing what I’m doing.

I’m going through the desk and all of the things that were left in it by the person before me. There is a bunch of manicure tools that are still in the packages in one of the drawers. It takes me a long time to take them out of their packages and throw away the trash. Another drawer has a huge stack of papers in it. It looks like a lot of the papers are bids that were never sent.  Larry and Rick are in the room going over something for a job. I don’t want to interrupt them, so I wait. When they finish I hand the bids over to Larry. He and Rick aren’t happy about them just sitting in a drawer. The phone rings and nobody is answering it, so I go over to Nikki’s desk to pick up her phone. It took me a minute to say anything, because I was about to answer it as the last place I’d worked. It’s a Dr. that is calling to excuse one of the staff members. I head downstairs to find them, but I don’t know where they are. I walk in to Kay’s office and give her the message. When I get back up to my desk, Larry says he’s impressed by my skills and is talking about promoting me.

“Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power, which if it were available in waking, would make every man a Dante or Shakespeare.” ~H.F. Hedge

‘A’ says we’ve covered water quite a bit and we know that represents emotions

  • elephants are known as big powerful creatures. This can also be a symbol about the power and control you have in your own life to overcome situations you have in your waking life. Now tie this into the fact that you saw these elephants in water and that water is connection to emotions, I believe if you look into what is going on for you around this date and what was emotionally charging for you, you’ll begin to connect some dots.
  • a desk is usually associated with work and tasks that need to get done. The fact that many items were moved around makes me think there has been some procrastination or the things that need to get done have been having issues with getting completed.
  • paper is supposed to represent things having no worth or value. Coincidentally, since these orders are like documents. That can represent needing respect and that there are responsibilities that you might need to take care of. I’m thinking there is a connection between the responsibilities and the things that need to get completed from the “desk” interp. Any connections to waking life?
  • job promotions are about a raised level of self-confidence and that you are due some respect for all that you have given.

Parts from two of my old jobs showed up in this dream. How often do you dream about old jobs? Share in the comments below!

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