Playing Games

My friend, Liv’s sister is freaking out, because she doesn’t have anything to wear. For some reason she doesn’t have her clothes and what she’s currently wearing isn’t appropriate. I remember that I have a ton of clothes at my mom’s. I tell her she can choose something of mine. We get to my mom’s and my clothes are in a REALLY long closet. I start pulling things out and realize a lot of this is super old and outdated. I still find a few gems to show her. I tell Liv’s sister how good I looked in one of the dresses once. Stressing once. The dress I’m holding up is long and form-fitting, but when I picture myself in the dress the one time, it’s a halter a-line dress.

My husband and I are sitting in a lounge area of a resort. Several of us are gathered around a table playing games. I don’t understand it. You throw the box in the air and scoring is based on how the cards land inside the box. It’s my turn and I throw the box. When it lands there is only one card showing. There’s a person on the card. Something similar to a king or queen, but it’s almost like a taro card. Everyone at our table is talking about how awesome it is, but I still don’t get it.

I walk back to my hotel room, but I can’t get in. I try several times and finally my friend Mac lets me in. She is in the room, along with my mom.  This room is ginormous. It’s not nice like a presidential suite though, more like a suite in a motel 6 if they had them. Suitcases are everywhere and I can’t find mine. There are people staying in the room that I don’t know. I think they’re my mom’s friends. Mac is flinging things around trying to help me find my suitcase. She finds it underneath someone else’s. I get in to my suitcase and I can’t find the halter dress. I think Liv’s sister stole it.

There is something going on it one of the banquet rooms. It’s full of people and the air is smokey. It’s bustling with energy, it looks like some sort of live auction. My friend Jenny is in there with me helping look for my dress. Someone tells me and one of my mom’s friends, Eva that we got an offer on the hotel. I ask what it is and they tell me $1.7 million. I look to Eva and ask her what we should do. Rather than waiting for her to respond, I blurt out “let’s counter with $2 million.” I look to the people around me, including those I don’t even know, looking for approval.  Now I’m backtracking. We could lose the offer if we do that. Eva and I walk around the resort talking about it. She asks me if it would change my life and I tell her yes. She asks me about retirement and when I tell her I have none, I’m immediately worried. I bring up what we’d actually walk away with after the split and capital gains. It isn’t even close to what it seems like it should be. I say to her, “What if we sell this place and it booms, like Vegas?” She says, “Then it won’t be around.” True, I think. It is kind of old and crusty. But, then I think about Fremont St and the older hotels in Vegas. We decide to get a drink and think about it.

We’re walking around the outside of the hotel and I notice the tiny intricate detail in the outer walls of the building. I run my finger along a line and the wall crumbles off on my finger. As we walk to the bar I say to Eva, “What if someone put a curse on me? Liv’s sister stole my dress.” I can hear people saying we have no idea what we’re getting in to and how there is no way we can handle the drinks we’re getting at the bar. The bartender tells me what kinds of drinks they have. I order a Tito’s and cranberry with a lime. As I go to pay for my drink I notice Eva got a double and we have vouchers for doubles. I change my drink to a double-nervous, because of the people saying we couldn’t handle the drinks. I hand the bartender the voucher and he asks me what it is. I handed him the wrong one, it had a bunch of 5s on it. I’m not sure what it’s for.

“We are not only less reasonable and less decent in our dreams… we are also more intelligent, wiser and capable of better judgement when we are asleep than when we are awake.” ~Erich Fromm

Here is what ‘A’ had to say about this dream:

  • clothing (as discussed in previous dreams) is about what you want to show to the world. Depending on the focus in the dream of what is or is not covered up, is you trying to decide what you want the world to see and how you want to show it to them.
  • playing games with other people is about how you interact with people in waking life
  • playing cards means you should be cautious with your money, seeing the king can represent an important male in your life.
  • the suitcase can represent you trying to put the past behind you so you can move forward to new opportunities in your waking life.
  • the wall crumbling can represent you overcoming all of the challenges in your waking life.
  • the number 5 may suggest personal freedom and major life changes. It implies that the changes ahead of you will bring about auspicious opportunities and feelings of personal satisfaction. Positive changes are heading your way!

The interps on clothing seem to mess with me. In this dream the clothing was old, I thought about looking good in a dress once and the suitcase points to me trying to put something behind me to move forward. I keep thinking myself into a circle here…  What do you think? Share in the comments below!

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