I’m leaving my Grandma’s house driving Bill’s old S-10 home. I hate driving this truck. The stoplight is taking forever. It looks like it’s about to turn green and a couple of people take off. The light is still red when the cab of this truck takes off leaving me at the light. I’m standing on a tall rod or pole type of thing with a wheel on the bottom. I figure I’ll just catch up with the cab when the light turns green. When the light turns and I take off looking for the cab, but I’m not sure where it went. It didn’t dawn on me that it might have swerved off somewhere or had gone up a side road while I was at the traffic light. There is a lady looking for the truck’s cab with me. We head up the side of the local deli, chatting about being in there when it’s super busy. Someone drives by us and we recognize him, but can’t figure out where from. As he goes through the drive-thru it hits us that we know him from the deli. He’s in there all of the time. We drive to the other side of deli that overlooks Blackhawk road and I see it. The cab is there and it’s in a million pieces. Squad car lights are flashing everywhere. The cab had collided with another car. I don’t know what to do. I hadn’t even thought about this possibility. I’m scared, so I drive home.

After sitting home for a while, I know I have to tell my mom. I call her and when she answers, her voice is somber, like it is when you’re in trouble, but she hasn’t told you why yet. I tell her what happened and she already knew. She must’ve come across the accident. What I didn’t know was that Todd’s brother was killed in the accident. I’m devastated.

At his funeral we’re given a pamphlet to write down who our dentist is. I can’t seem to control myself. I’m crying so hard I can hardly breath. When I get home I walk over to Todd’s mom’s house to tell her how sorry I am, but I can’t bring myself to knock on the door. I’m too scared. I walk to the door and then walk away-probably a dozen times. My mom comes over and when I get to her I fall to my knees crying.

We walk back to our house and the truck is in the driveway. The one from the accident, but it’s not wrecked. On the hood is a booklet that says: “All of the experts agree that the truck was exhausted and never should’ve been driven,” and they would testify to it in court. I just can’t believe this is happening. I didn’t even want to drive that truck.

In court Todd’s mom says to me that she can’t believe that she hadn’t heard from me. I tell her that I’ve tried and tried, but I’ve been unable to make myself talk to her.

“We must, in the next place, investigate the subject of the dream, and first inquire to which of the faculties of the soul it presents itself, i.e. whether the affection is one which pertains to the faculty of intelligence or to that of sense-perception; for these are the only faculties within us by which we acquire knowledge.” ~“On Dreams” by Aristotle , 350 BCE

I told ‘A’ that when my alarm went off I was sniffling so much that I thought I was getting sick, but as I woke up I realized it was from crying during the dream. Here is what she had to say about it:

  • a red traffic light in a dream literally means to stop. Your subconscious is telling you to stop and think about the situation before proceeding.
  • a truck is known as a form of transportation, as such it relates to your own journey, the destination and how you’re getting there based on your own goals. Now, since you are also driving the truck, it can also mean you need to not only focus on how impactful you want your life to be, but the good parts that are already in it.
  • the death of the brother due to the accident has two meanings that stand out to me. One is showing you that you cannot control the actions of others. The second could mean that you are contemplating the effects of a relationship breakup.

Do you ever find yourself doing things like actually crying when you’re also dreaming that you’re doing it? Share in the comments below!

~sweet dreams~

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