I’m babysitting for my step-mom every night, so I always stay over at their house. When school starts I’m going to miss out on that money, so I need to find a job that’ll be flexible with my school schedule. During my lunch hour at school, I walk down the mall to Express to apply for a job.  While I wait to speak with the manager I’m checking out everything in the store already trying to get familiar with each item, so I can “sell” them to customers. As I stand at the counter, the manager is helping someone, but tells me I’ll be next. She finishes with that person and walks to the back of the store. There are all kinds of people walking in the back door for interviews. She never does get to me.

I’m walking around grabbing clothes to try on at a different Express store. I’m not getting much help, because I’m no longer a vip member. I had a feeling that might happen. The associate takes me to a dressing room that is located outside. As I leave the store, I see the vip dressing rooms. They remind me of first class. It makes me sad, because I used to be able to get in to those.

Back at my step-mom’s I’m making a cake for my sister. I remember how much she liked the one I got her for her sixteenth birthday, so I’m making the same. A 2 layer yellow cake with blue frosting. As I frost the cake the frosting is almost being absorbed by the cake. I think I have it covered, but then it seems the frosting goes away. My dad points out the missed spots. Thanks. My sister comes in and says she doesn’t want the cake. Frustrated and hurt, I walk in to my room. After I walk away I see the cake has shrunk. It’s like the size of a muffin now. Still not completely frosted.

I keep finding little chocolates on the floor. I grab them up and stash them in my purse for later like I’m stealing them or something. As I continue to find chocolates I realize my sister is the one leaving them. She’s extending an olive branch for turning down my cake.

At home I decide to bake some cupcakes to figure out how to ice them like the professional bakeries do. I can’t get it. Over and over I try different ways. After many failed attempts, I realize I haven’t been letting the cupcakes cool before frosting them. That must be it. I’m taste testing many of the cupcakes and become aware of all of the calories I’m taking in doing so. I think about how Cupcake Cartel must frost her cupcakes and try that technique. It just got worse the more I tried.

“Some colors exist in dreams that are not present in the waking spectrum.” ~Terri Guillemets

What ‘A’ has to say about this one:

  • babysitting could mean your inner child is looking for some nurturing in your waking life. Give some thought as to the age you were in school during this babysitting, this will indicate the age of which you believe you started receiving responsibility and may be processing decisions you have made and the direction you have gone in waking life.
  • dreaming of interviewing for a job means you are processing your potential and thinking of areas of growth for yourself.
  • making a cake for someone else shows how much you love and value the people in your life. This can also be a reminder that you have a lot of love in your life.
  • the color blue in this dream is showing how optimistic you are about your future.
  • the frosting disappearing can be representing a certain situation in your life that you are currently not happy about
  • muffins can represent a benefit coming or prosperity headed your way (woot woot!)
  • cupcakes are an omen about sweet rewards coming to you

‘A’ says it’s clear that I need more cake/muffins/cupcake dreams as they are all supposed to be positive signs about love, rewards and good things to come. Plus-I heart cake!

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